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“Umeongea kama watu kumi,” Eric Omondi’s statement  concerning  Kenya’s economic state.

Comedian Eric Omondi is once again on the spotlight, this time for reasons that has him being praised by fans.In a photo posted on his Instagram account on February 16, 2023, he observed that many Kenyan youths are suffering due to a lack of money.


According to him, most of these youths are no longer able to make their rent payments nor buy food to eat because of the tough economic times.Omondi further said that a large number of children are now at home because their parents do not have money for their school fees. This, he says has become like a lifestyle in Kenya.


The self-proclaimed president of African comedy has accused politicians of going around perambulating and holding rallies every weekends and weekdays at the expense of ordinary Kenyans.

“Have you noticed there is no money in Kenya, especially in the pockets of the young people? While our politicians perambulate every weekend, sometimes even weekdays in political rallies and exchange of words while we suffer,” Omondi observed.


On the other hand,the youth in the country have become political and economic slaves according to Omondi…”Do you know that we are under slavery? We are under shackles. Do you know that our lives have been the same year in year out?” he noted


For the country to get back to normalcy, Eric has advised the youth to get ready for freedom…”It is time to emancipate ourselves. it is time to break the shackles. Mark my words we are going to change this culture.
“We are going to break free from the chains of slavery. Political, economic slavery and brainwashing. Get ready to break your shackles,” Eric charged.


…And for the first time in a long while, Eric’s fans have taken his message positively and appreciated him for the good conversation he just started. However, they have also warned him to be genuine about the issue and set a plan.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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