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Unconventional Barber from Kenya: Crafting Haircuts with Hammers, Knives, and Theatrical Flair.

In the bustling streets of Nairobi, Kenya, Martin ‘Safro Fades’ Safari has garnered quite the attention with his unorthodox approach to barbering. Instead of relying on traditional tools like clippers or scissors, Safari wields knives, shovels, and even hammers to sculpt his clients’ hair into impeccable styles.


As Safari meticulously shapes hair with his unconventional toolkit, bystanders often pause in fascination, watching his theatrical performances unfold on the sidewalks of Nairobi. Despite the potential danger posed by the tools he employs, Safari’s clients remain unwaveringly composed, trusting in his skill and precision.


Theatrical Craft and Recognition

Safari’s distinctive craft has not only earned him a reputation but also a livelihood. With each shaving session, his clients emerge looking sharp and polished, every strand of hair impeccably groomed. His talent was acknowledged on a grand scale when he clinched the title of Best Content Creator at the 2023 Grammy Barber Awards.


Reflecting on his unexpected victory, Safari admits his surprise, considering he was up against more renowned and well-traveled barbers. Hailing from Rwanda, Safari strategically relocated to Nairobi in late 2023, believing the city would provide a platform to showcase his unconventional skills. His intuition proved right, as evidenced by his growing fame and success.

Passion and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Safari’s journey into the world of barbering diverged from the conventional path. Originally pursuing a course in business administration at a university in Rwanda, he chose to abandon his studies in pursuit of his true passion: hair grooming. His breakthrough came in December 2022 when a viral video showcasing his theatrical shaving techniques catapulted him to online fame. Leveraging social media, Safari rapidly expanded his following, attracting clients willing to pay a premium for his distinctive services.


Driven by his passion for his craft, Safari charges between $45(5, 000) and $60(8, 000) per haircut, a testament to his confidence in the quality of his work. Despite his growing popularity, Safari remains humble, acknowledging the challenges of earning his clients’ trust, particularly when using unconventional tools.


Aspirations and Outreach

Beyond his individual success, Safari harbors ambitious plans for the future. In 2023, he had the honor of serving as a celebrity judge at a barbers’ competition in Cameroon, further solidifying his status within the industry. Despite facing skepticism from some clients, Safari remains undeterred, offering complimentary shaves and meals to win over the hesitant.


Looking ahead, Safari dreams of hosting an international barbers’ expo, showcasing his unique skills to a global audience. He envisions the event as a platform for talented barbers to garner recognition and expand their markets. Additionally, Safari aims to establish training workshops, empowering aspiring barbers with the skills and creativity to thrive in the industry.


Through his innovative approach and unwavering passion, Martin ‘Safro Fades’ Safari has carved a niche for himself in the world of barbering, leaving an indelible mark on the streets of Nairobi and beyond.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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