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“Ushamba ni mbaya” – Vera claps back at critics over baby Asia’s hair extensions.

Vera Sidika’s daughter Princess Asia has a personal hair stylist who does home visits to do the little girls hair.This was revealed to us recently by the socialite-cum-businesswoman, when she settled on braids for her little tot.


For Mashujaa day, Asia was turning one years old. Vera had arranged a photoshoot, and the two were twinning. Their hairstyles to the green outfits and this hairstyle got KOT talking, something that forced Vera to respond, saying,
“Lakini ushamba ni mbaya (Being backward is a bad thing). People who experiment on different hairstyles will tell you how light Marley Braids are….As light as a feather, and with how I treasure my child, there’s no way I would ever put anything harmful or heavy on her.”


The one year old did not seem to mind the hairstyle as she smiled for the cameras. Vera continued;
“So before you, all judge, sit down and think, then do some research. The concept was a mommy-daughter shoot….We had to have a similar look that fits best with what we chose.”


However, a section of Vera’s fans criticized the socialite for the hairstyle she put on her daughter with many claiming it looked too heavy for her.

“For 1-2 hours and the extensions were off her head. But hey! People are always quick with negative vibes. As if a mom didn’t give birth to that child doesn’t know best,” defended Sidika.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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