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Uwongo bana! Kenyans on Bahati splashing Sh30 million on Diana’s anniversary gifts.

Renowned “mtoto wa mama” Kevin ‘Bahati’ Kioko has revealed that he spent Sh.30 million for his 7th anniversary celebrations.


Bahati had made it known that he would be getting his wife Diana Marua, 7 exquisite gifts in a span of 7 days to celebrate their 7 years in marriage which has seen the birth of 3 healthy babies.And true to his word he did go above and beyond with the gifts which now he claims set him back a couple of millions, even though netizens are not buying it.


“In total… like all of them, I can say for all of them I spent let us say 30 million,” calmly said the ‘Adhiambo’ crooner while speaking with SPM’s Silva Kiddo.


We really cannot be in the same country can we?


Some of the gifts the father of 5 bestowed upon his lover include; a brand new blue Ranger Rover Vouge Autobiography estimated to have cost Sh.19 million, a huge billboard prophesying his love for her, a title deed and in my opinion the best gift out of them all, he finally paid her dowry in a colourful traditional ceremony and actually set a date for their white wedding.


However, Instagram users are not convinced that the former gospel artist splurged the said amount of money. Others raised concerns that it seemed odd that the Bahati’s didn’t live in the posh suburbs of Kenya but always claimed to have money plus ‘fake gifting’ instead of something new among our forever clout-chasing celebrities.


We’ve seen instances where someone has bought their better half a car only for it to end up being a publicity stunt/ marketing strategy, among other ‘fake gifting’ scenarios.


Below are a few comments from Instagram users reacting to the news of Bahati spending Sh.30 million on Diana ;


raskandevu: Bangi is legal in Kenya

Snrjojo: Anaisi mihango then ana gift Diana vitu za 30 million. The math ain’t adding up

_mcharming._: 30 million kwa maneno ya mdomo tu

Roseombisa: Yote ni vanity… na of course hiyo ni clout

Peace_c1: labda anasema total ya the 7 years


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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