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‘Wacha niwekwe milele,’Guardian Angel responds to critics.

Gospel singer Guardian Angel has shut out his critics insinuating that his wife,Esther Musila is ‘keeping him’.

However,the artiste whose 20 years of age gap with his wife continues to raise debate defended himself saying he is not a ‘Ben 10’ in his relationship but a family man thriving in his marriage.
“Kama hivi ndio kuwekwa ina onja wacha niwekwe milele.” (If this is how being kept feels like I would rather be kept forever).”

“I have never lived in her house she came to live with me I am the man in that house and she has never paid bills in that house. I do because I am her husband, so I do not understand why people say that, but everyone is entitled in their opinion.”he explained further.

Speaking during an interview, the ‘Nadeka’ hitmaker stated that his marriage will remain strong whether they get kids or not.
“Kids are God-given. If I had married a younger lady younger than me and found out h cannot bear kids. Would I send her away?” he posed.

He added: “When I was coming into our marriage, the priority is my marriage kids were number 2, if kids come sawa, if not we are okay with it and it would not reduce how I feel for Esther.”


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.