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‘Watu wa Embu mko ready?’ Tanzanian singer Harmonize set to perform in Embu this February.

Rajab Abdul Kahali, popularly known by his stage name as Harmonize and sometimes, referred to as Konde Boy referring to his Makonde heritage.The tanzanian Bongo Flava artist and music entrepreneur, will be performing live in Embu.


However, Java blue and Harmonize brings you the Harmonize White Party which will be going down this February 4th,Saturday 2023.


On the other hand,such events will help our local artists interact more with other musicians and it will be advantageous for those artists who wishes to go a milestone to international level since the music of artists from Tanzania is increasingly penetrating the rural areas in Kenya, not because Kenya does not have artists to capture the fans, but to a large percentage, it is due to the great skill in expressing themselves that makes Bongo music popular in Kenya.


Not forgetting that you will be previledged to meet Willis Raburu the host of the party and some fun music will be played by DJ Creme Dela Creme alongdide DJ Pierra Makena.


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