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“Weee, hata sijafika 30’s,”Content Creator Miss Truy silences age shaming trolls.

Miss Trudy has called out netizens for age-shaming her and she took to her social media to reveal her true age saying people shouldn’t rush her.


“Ati I am in my mid 30’s?! 😂 How?! Please don’t rush me! 😅 am not even 30 yet! Allow me to enjoy my 20s in peace! 😍 btw, the secret to looking young is eating Skuma wiki every day! 😉”
…Here are more comments responding to her comments.


…..gavi_photography254: At this rate tuonyeshe tu ID juu huyo wa 91 seems to be so sure jamani eiii, where do they get the energy.

…..Euniceamani56: My guess is that you’ll be exactly 30 in your birthday this year .

…..boscoseka: You can’t be 30s iyo nayo nimekataa you are around 26 and 27.

….apograce_daniels254: Kenyans are funny, though 🤣🤣 sasa age inawasumbulia wapi,that’s her personal life.
Izi social media street people are invested in people’s lives sana.


Not forgetting that two weeks ago, she was caught up in controversy at the airport where she was threatened with arrest for filming in a restricted area.She called out airport employees for refusing her to film her content, and she shared a video saying.


“Guys we are being harassed at the airport, I’m just creating content, and this is Kenya.” She lamented


The Kenya Civil Aviation Security Regulations 2020 59 (1-c) states that a person who engages in operating a portable electronic device is liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding Sh500,000 or imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both.


The regulation further states that a person who commits an offense, if he refuses to comply with a lawful order issued by the airport operator, on behalf of the Authority, has the purpose of maintaining good order and discipline at the airport.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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