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‘Weeeuh! anaweza kuwa my dad,’ Mammito explains why she fears dating older men.

Former Churchill Show comedienne Eunice Wanjiru alias Mammito now says she cannot engage in a romantic relationship with an older guy.


Mammito while speaking during her latest musing said she fears she might land into her biological father, whom she still doesn’t know since she was raised by a single mother.She revealed that although she would like to know her father, she is barely concerned about it.


“I would never date a mubaba because I don’t know my own father. Sitaki stori tena kwa news. Haijawahi nisumbua lakini.”


At the same time, in a hilarious description, she opened up about having daddy issues which play out as insecurity in her relationships due to the single parenthood childhood and she is always quick to ask a guy’s age to be safe.


“Being raised by a single mum has somehow made me insecure, especially in relationships right? Because you know when I am dating and I meet with that guy and I’m doing seven ways to satisfy a man. So I’m there, and then he is like who is your daddy, I’m like I don’t know, why are you asking me that right now? Ati call me daddy, why why? what do you know that I don’t know? Why should I call you daddy right now? I’ve never met him,” she explains amid laughter from her audience.


Adding; “Who is he? do you know him, I heard maybe he is called Mathew. Do you know anyone called Mathew? But you are 30 so you can’t be my daddy.”


She, however, claims if she finds herself with an older man, her mum would choose to get her a man.


“On what my mother thinks… she would be like si hata ungewacha nikutafutie.”


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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