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‘Wewe pata,we will congratulate you!’ Eve Mungai’s fiery response to critics questioning her life.

On December 4, the announcement of Commentator 254 and his girlfriend Maureen Ngigi expecting their first child set social media abuzz with congratulatory messages.


However, amidst the cheers, Youtuber Eve Mungai found herself facing unexpected scrutiny regarding her own family planning choices.


As Commentator 254 and Maureen Ngigi shared the joyous news of their impending parenthood, well-wishes poured in from fans and friends across social media platforms.The celebration, however, took an unexpected turn when some began to question why Eve Mungai, along with her partner Director Trevour, had not made a similar announcement.


One particular fan, identified as Tajiri Forever, while replying to Comedian 2Mbili’s congratulatory reply, expressed curiosity about why Mungai Eve had not yet embraced motherhood while others around her were announcing pregnancies.


In her response, Eve Mungai stood firm in her decision not to succumb to societal pressure when it comes to family planning.She addressed the notion that giving birth is not a trend and emphasised that she would not rush into motherhood until she is fully prepared to provide the best possible life for her future child.


“Funny how you all think giving birth is a trend, until I am sure I am in a position to give my child the very best life, I ain’t ever succumbing to this pressure. Wewe pata we will be here to congratulate you!” Eve replied.


Trevour and Eve have been together for five years, and their journey has been marked by love, support, and a commitment to building a strong foundation for their relationship.


During a Q&A session on Instagram in September, Director Trevor shared that he and Eve Mungai are considering expanding their family. He disclosed that they have set their sight on January 26, 2026, as the date


He emphasised the importance of building a solid foundation for their partnership, ensuring that they are fully prepared for the next chapter in their lives.While they have not set a specific wedding date, they are excited about their future together and look forward to sharing their plans when the time is right for both of them.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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