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‘Will not, shall not and will never be allowed entry’- Bien bans Eric Omondi from Sol Fest.

Sauti Sol’s Bien has read the riot act to comedian Eric Omondi who he has fallen out with multiple times.Bein in a post on social media reiterated that Eric was still banned from attending Sauti Sol’s Sol Fest slated for December 17, 2022, in Nairobi at the Fox Drive-In, Thika road.


The Sauti Sol lead singer shared a photo of Eric Omondi donning leave camouflage saying that ‘the person in the picture would not be allowed entry at Sol Fest’.

“I hereby want to assure all the fans attending Sol Fest this Saturday that the individual shown above, known for being a seasoned public nuisance, WILL NOT, SHALL NOT and WILL NEVER be allowed entry to Sol Fest……”He may have devised a plan to camouflage his way into the venue but our able security team remains vigilant.


In late November 2022, Eric Omondi said he would attend Sol Fest with 20 security dogs for his own safety.In the press conference, Eric bragged that he had decided to enlist sniffer dogs in his security detail because he was being threatened by musicians.

“I don’t feel safe, before I go anywhere mbwa lazima ikue mbele yangu inuse mc, inuse kiti. Sahi nko na adui wengi, kuna watu wako na njama na most of them are musicians. Sasa sijui wamepanga nini hapa,” Eric said…..“Concert ya Sol Fest ntakuja na mbwa kama ishirini,” he added.


Reacting to what Eric said during the press conference, Bien noted that the comedian’s big mouth was what landed him in trouble with musicians.He further told Eric that he should stay away from Sol Fest because nobody wanted him there.


“Eric, your big mouth has gotten you here! Don’t blame the musicians. Nobody wants to see you at Sol Fest so please stay away!!!….”The @solfestafrica security team has this morning received strict instructions NOT to allow this crazy fellow and his borrowed dogs anywhere near 500 metres of the concert venue! Personally, I have filed for a restraining orders against him.


“Therefore, I urge you all to avoid him like a plague!!!” Bien wrote.

Eric Omondi and Bien have had a beef since 2021. The two have been roasting each other on any available platform be it social media, interviews etc.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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