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‘You do you’- Azziad fires back at critics claiming her content is oversexualized.

TikTok sensation Azziad Nasenya has been at the centre of criticism in the last couple of weeks forcing her to address the matter.


The content creator whose dancing skills has garnered her a massive following across all social media platforms has been subjected to bullying with a recent comment by a Twitter user labelling her content as oversexualized adding that it lacks educational or moral value.


“The reason why I don’t follow Azziad on any of her social that use her content is oversexualized and there is nothing to learn or any value added from anything she posts. Call me a hater, it’s the truth. Sex sells.”


However, the comment caught Azziad’s attention who responded by asking the said user to support only what she deems important to her.


“You do you boo. Don’t ever let anyone force you to do what you don’t like. Stick to your lane and run your race,” Azziad responded.


This follows her recent appointment by Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, the Arts, and Sports, Ababu Namwamba’s Talanta Hela Council committee members.Her new role drew fury on social media with most questioning her qualifications and competence for the position however, she did not respond to it.Actually, she is among the personalities who were selected for the Talanta Hela initiative aimed at supporting the growth of the country’s sports and creative economy, creating employment opportunities, and positioning Kenya as a destination of choice for sports tourism and film-making.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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