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You’re cowards! Kambua and Akothee unite in calling out social media trolls.

Celebrated Kenyan musicians, Akothee and Kambua have called out social media trolls who have been targeting local celebrities.

For the past few years, there has been a rise in complaints from established to up-and-coming stars, who have been subjected to online hate from people who have created pseudo accounts and whose jobs are to just spew hate and negativity.

Kambua took to her Insta stories to call out people who hide behind pseudo accounts just to hate.She wrote, “I’ve established that 99.9% of trolls on this app are such cowards. Where’s your profile pic? Where’s your real name? Why hide behind a pseudo to spew venom? What a sad way to live. May you be delivered in Jesus name!”

However,Madam boss Akothee also spared her precious time to address trolls who waste their time and go to celebrities’ pages and just bully them.She advised celebrities and fellow public figures to always make use of the block button.”Advice to all celebrities & public figures, don’t allow anyone to bully you on your own page posting your own life on your wall. BLOCK them and any other account they will open. #Madamboss,” wrote Akothee.

Also,singer Nadia Mukami on Monday responded to trolls who hated on her recent dress code during her recent show that took place in Meru over the weekend.Nadia wore a body suit and her fans spew some venom on her post online with some condemning her stylist.

This was her first show six months after she gave birth to her son Kai and a fan identified as imai_sarah_leonne for example, wrote; “Your stylist should be sued asap.”
Nadia took to her Insta stories to address the haters and said that most female artistes go through such behaviour from trolls after giving birth.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.