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“Zangu ni real,” Socialite Risper Faith says her curves are real, unlike Vera Sidika’s.

Socialite and businesswoman Risper Faith has disputed rumours that she also underwent reconstructive surgery to enhance her body curves. This follows the criticism fellow socialite Vera Sidika has been receiving after her drastic body transformation.


Risper said she underwent liposuction to remove the excess baby fat and has never had a butt enhancement.
“Yes I had liposuction to remove excess fat from my stomach after giving birth, I never had any surgery on my butt,” she said.


Risper said she had been receiving messages after Vera’s body transformation, with fans telling her she is next in line.
“It’s real lol, kindly stop DMing me that am next lol.”


However, curvaceous Risper is also among the celebrities who have made fun of Vera Sidika’s body transformation.
“Apparently, I am the only one with real a**, shangwe kwa waluhya,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.


Other celebrities who have recreated clips linked to Vera’s transformation include Eddie Butita, Tracy Waithera, Notiflow, and Terence Creative, among othersWhile others think it is clout chasing, Vera said that she will only focus on people trying to encourage and support her.


On the other hand, she has received positive vibes from fans and friends such as her Husband Brown Mauzo and Betty Kyalo who penned supportive messages to her.
“I am so you found peace and acceptance and finally had the courage to come out and educate young girls,” said Brown Mauzo.


Vera Sidika is yet to post her reconstructive surgery journey video to her fans who still can’t believe her ‘deflation’ is real.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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