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The Governor


H.E Cecily Mbarire of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) is now the governor-elect for Embu County. 

She becomes the 7th female governor-elect after garnering 108,610 votes defeating Lenny Kivuti of Development Empowerment Party (DEP) who got 105,246 votes.

In her acceptance speech she termed the win as humbling.

“I want to thank God for giving us the win today. I feel humbled. I also thank our security agencies for ensuring there’s peace in the county all through the election process,” she said.

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Embu County is truly ‘The Land of Opportunities’. As this slogan indicates, opportunities for entrepreneurship, investment, employment and self improvement are plentiful in the land.

The government has taken great strides towards the betterment of people’s livelihoods and the realization of the president’s Big4 Agenda. In addition to the Agenda 4 pillars of Affordable Healthcare, Food Security, Affordable Housing and Manufacturing, Embu governor H.E Martin Wambora has seen to the practicability of two additional pillars namely; Youth Empowerment and Industrialization, to form his Big 6 Agenda.

Embu County Government continues to work day and night towards the achievement of these objectives, and the satisfaction of residents, investors, tourists and all stake holders in general.

Hon. JUSTUS KINYUA MUGO is the  Embu county Deputy Governor appointed by the Governor.  

Hon. Alexander Mundigi.

graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible studies from the Covenant Theological College based in the United States of America after enrolling in an online course.

Mundigi, worked for 30 years at KenGen switching between Kiambere, Masinga, and Kamburu as a building and construction administrator before trying his luck in 2007 when he vied for the Mbeere South (Gachoka then) parliamentary seat on a Democratic Party ticket but never made it beyond nominations due limitation of campaign resources.

 Pamela Njoki Njeru aka Double N. is the Embu County women representative and a member of the UDA Party. 

Pamela Njoki Njeru got her first job as a secretary at the national broadcaster, KBC. After some time, then President Daniel Moi directed for the formation of Kiembu radio vernacular station.

Through the radio technical team, Njoki was able to learn a few things on the job and the rest is history.

That is how she navigated her way from a secretary to a radio presenter and producer in 1997.

In 2008, she joined Royal Media Services to head a 24-hour Kiembu station, Wimwaro FM.

She enrolled for a diploma course in journalism and mass communication at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication in 2005.




Hon. Josiah Thiriku is the Embu County Assembly Speaker.

Hon. Steve Munene Mwaniki is the Embu County Assembly Deputy Speaker and also the MCA Runyenjes Central Ward

Jim-Gitonga-Kauma, is the current Clerk of the Embu County Assemly. He is the only non-elected person in the Assembly. He is the administrative and procedural Head of the Assembly and oversees the day to day operations and affairs of the Assembly

Hon. Micheal Njeru Kariuki is the current Majority Leader, Embu County Assembly. He is also the MCA Kithimu Ward.

HON. John Harrison Mwaluko Kisigu is the Deputy Majority Leader and also the MCA Mwea Ward

HON. Master Leonard Mwaniki, is the Leader of the Minority and the MCA Kiembere Ward.

Hon. Newton Kariuki Ndwiga is the Deputy Minority Leader and the MCA Muminji Ward

HON. Salesio Njeru Kimaru - MCA KYENI SOUTH Majority Whip

HON. Salesio Njeru Kimaru is the Majority Whip and MCA Kyeni South Ward

HON. Morris Muchiri Nyaga - MCA KIRIMARI Deputy Majority Whip

HON. Morris Muchiri Nyaga is the Deputy Majority Whip and MCA Kirimari Ward

HON. Frederick Mugendi Gatumu MCA GATURI SOUTH Minority Whip

HON. Frederick Mugendi Gatumu is the Minority Whip and MCA Gaturi South Ward.

HON. Jane Ann Muthoni Murithi NOMINATED MCA Deputy Minority Whip

HON. Jane Ann Muthoni Murithi is the Deputy Minority Whip and a Nominated MCA

Hon. Bernard Nyaga Kandia - NOMINATED MCA

Hon. Bernard Nyaga Kandia – Nominated MCA





HON. Duncan Ireri Mbui - MCA EVURORE WARD

HON. Duncan Ireri Mbui – MCA Evorore Ward





Hon. Edith Wanjira Nyaga - NOMINATED MCA

Hon. Edith Wanjira Nyaga – Nominated MCA





Hon. Peter Murithi Nyaga - MCA MBETI NORTH

Hon. Peter Murithi Nyaga – MCA Mbeto North Ward





Hon. Elizabeth Ndeleve Kibai - NOMINATED MCA

Hon. Elizabeth Ndeleve Kibai – Nominated MCA






HON. Harrison Sammy Muturi – MCA Ruguru Ngandori Ward





Hon. John Ngari Mbaka - MCA MAVURIA WARD

Hon. John Ngari Mbaka – MCA Mavuria Ward





Hon. Judy Mbuya Njue - NOMINATED MCA

Hon. Judy Mbuya Njue – Nominated MCA





Hon. Nathan Kariuki Mwari - MCA NTHAWA WARD

Hon. Nathan Kariuki Mwari – MCA Nthawa Ward





Hon. Patrick Njeru Mukavi - MCA KYENI NORTH

Hon. Patrick Njeru Mukavi – MCA Kyeni North Ward





Hon. Ednah Kanini Muisyo – Nominated MCA





Hon. Agnes Wanjiru Gakungugu – Nominated MCA





Hon. Murithi Njagi Kiura – MCA Mbeti South Ward





Hon. Robert Njiru Ireri - MCA KAGAARI SOUTH

Hon. Robert Njiru Ireri – MCA Kagaari South Ward





Hon. Patrick Rugendo Ireri – MCA Kaagari North Ward





Hon. Paul Muchangi Njiru – MCA Gaturi North Ward





Hon. John Gichovi Gatumu – MCA Nginda Ward





Hon. Philip Kinyutu Nzangi – MCA Makima Ward





Hon. Rose Ruguru Kinyua – Nominated MCA





Hon. Sicily Ruguru Njiru – Nominated MCA





Hon. Sicily Warue Mbugi Nominated MCA





Hon. Terry Wanja Mbuchi –  Nominated MCA





Hon. Margaret Lorna Kariuki – Nominated MCA






Hon. Martin Mwangi Kimani – Nominated MCA