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Kenya wins!!!Eliud Kipchoge breaks world record again!.

The greatest marathon runner ever has done it again! Eliud Kipchoge has broken his own world record at the Berlin Marathon that just ended a few moments ago.Mark Korir came in second at 2:05. Eliud set a time of 2:01:09 breaking his own world record by a whole 30 seconds!

Kipchoge did the first half of the race in 59:51, almost a minute less than what he had asked for in his pace notes; 60:50.He went through the first 5km in 14:14 and cleared 10km in 28:23, well within his 2018 World Record.

Kenyans and the world at large went crazy as he crossed the line with many expressing their pleasure and delight online.

Remember, Eliud already holds the record for being the only man to run a marathon in under two hours when he did it in Vienna Austria two years ago.He set a time of 1 hour, 59 minutes, and 40 seconds at the time, indeed proving at the time that no man was limited.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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