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Jul 17
Nairobi Trembles: Understanding Earthquakes and Tremors.

An earthquake, or earth tremor, occurs when the earth’s surface shakes due to a sudden release of energy in the lithosphere, generating seismic waves. The primary distinction between earthquakes and tremors lies in their intensity. Earthquakes can vary significantly in strength. Some are minor, barely noticeable, while others can devastate cities, causing widespread damage to […]

Jul 17
Kenya’s Gen Z Protests: Ford Foundation Denies Accusations Amid Controversy.

The Ford Foundation has found itself at the center of a heated debate following allegations by President William Ruto that the American non-governmental organization was involved in sponsoring violence during anti-government protests across Kenya. Speaking at a market rally in Nakuru, Ruto claimed that the foundation had hired individuals to instigate unrest, resulting in casualties […]

Jul 11
Anguka Nayo! Gen Zs React After Ruto Fires All Cabinet Secretaries.

President William Ruto has dissolved his Cabinet, sending home all cabinet secretaries and the Attorney General. The decision does not affect Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. “I have decided to dismiss with immediate effect all cabinet secretaries and the attorney general of the Cabinet of Kenya except the Prime Cabinet […]

Jul 11
Legal Fraternity Mourns: High Court Judge David Majanja Passes Away at Nairobi Hospital.

Kenya’s judiciary and the entire legal fraternity is mourning the death of High Court Judge David Majanja. According to the Judiciary, Majanja passed away late Wednesday while undergoing treatment at Nairobi Hospital. Majanja, who was a Commissioner of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), was a respected figure in Kenya’s legal fraternity. “We are all heartbroken,” […]

Jul 03
Finance Bill Protests: Creating Value Amid Kenya’s Economic Crisis.

  Kenya has witnessed a major youth-led movement emerging, driven by discontent with government economic policies such as the now-rejected 2024 Finance Bill. The bill proposed increased taxes on essential goods and services, leading to extensive protests led by Kenya’s Gen Z. Kenyan Gen Z, who constitute about 33% of the population, used social platforms […]

Jun 26
President Ruto Bows to Public Pressure, Declines to Sign Finance Bill 2024.

President William Ruto succumbed to mounting public pressure, announcing on Wednesday that he would not sign the contentious Finance Bill 2024. This decision follows a week of protests across the country, primarily led by Kenyan youth who claim the punitive tax proposals will burden an already stretched population. President Ruto, speaking at the State House […]

Jun 26
Ruto’s Dilemma: Navigating Tough Choices After a Day of Bloodshed.

After a day of protest, turmoil, and bloodshed, Kenyan President William Ruto addressed the nation with a message of sadness and strength. Saying “legitimate” protests against his policies had been “hijacked by a group of organised criminals,” he warned his government would use all means at its disposal to prevent a repeat of the violence […]

Jun 25
Kenya’s Finance Bill: Why Has It Triggered Protests?.

Youth-led protests against the Kenyan government’s plans to raise revenue through additional taxes have intensified as lawmakers vote on proposed amendments to the bill. At least two people have been killed and more than 200 injured since protests against the finance bill swept the country earlier this month. Here are some details about the tax […]

Jun 24
Ruto to Open Dialogue: Sec Gen Malala Plans Meeting with Gen Z Protesters.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA), through Secretary General Cleophas Malala, announced on Sunday that a meeting will be facilitated between President William Ruto and Gen Z protesters. This announcement came shortly after President Ruto expressed his openness to dialogue with the demonstrators. Previously dismissive of the youth protests against the Finance Bill 2024, which aims […]

Jun 21

Agreeing to the precept that humans are fallible, imperfect, and prone to making mistakes, especially when it comes to power, it stands to reason that confiding in a system made up of humans wielding power is totally absurd. Common sense, right? Not so fast. “Common sense ain’t so common,” Will Rogers once observed. Even if […]