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Clash Over Viability of Embu Airport Proposal.

The ongoing debate surrounding the feasibility of the proposed Embu Airport has sparked conflicting viewpoints among key figures in the political landscape. CS Kipchumba Murkomen emerged as a skeptic, casting doubt on the viability of the airport project primarily due to purported topographical impediments. He staunchly defended his position by asserting that Embu County, being in close proximity to the well-established JKIA, already enjoys adequate connectivity and service.


However, Hon. Gitonga Mukunji swiftly rebutted Murkomen’s assertions, basing his counterargument on a significant reference – a signed Economic charter. Mukunji passionately pointed out an existing yet largely underutilized airstrip within the precincts of Embu. Occupied by the National Intelligence Service (NIS), this airstrip, according to Mukunji, holds substantial untapped potential. His emphasis rested on the airstrip’s capacity to serve as a catalyst for regional development, particularly in facilitating the transportation of horticultural produce and muguka, an essential commodity for the region’s economy. Mukunji’s fervent advocacy centered around reclaiming and repurposing this airstrip for the greater benefit and advancement of the entire region.


The clash between Murkomen and Mukunji highlights not just a divergence in opinions regarding the proposed airport but also underscores a fundamental disagreement on how to leverage existing resources for regional development. As the discourse continues, the community eagerly awaits a resolution that will best serve the interests and economic progress of Embu County.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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