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“Crazy Coffins” of the Internet Era.

In today’s world, where voices and opinions are broadcast far and wide, it is easy to be swayed by the sheer volume of consensus. Yet, without knowledge and insight, these opinions are nothing more than empty echoes, lacking substance and depth. True value lies not in the number of voices but in the wisdom and expertise they bring.

Consider the vast expanse of the internet, where opinions abound on every conceivable topic. From social media platforms to online forums, it seems everyone has something to say. But how many of these voices truly understand the complexities of the issues they discuss? How many have delved deeply, studied rigorously, and gained the necessary expertise to offer meaningful insights? Indeed, it is a rare few.

Wisdom is not a democratic commodity; it is earned through experience, study, and a deep commitment to understanding. The opinions of the uninformed, no matter how numerous, do not equal the insights of a single expert who has dedicated their life to mastering a subject. When we seek guidance or knowledge, it is crucial to discern the difference between noise and true wisdom. This discernment requires us to value quality over quantity and to seek out those whose opinions are grounded in knowledge and experience.

This principle applies to all aspects of life. In matters of science, we turn to those who have spent years conducting research, analyzing data, and contributing to the body of knowledge in their field. In the arts, we look to those who have honed their craft and understand the nuances and depths of creative expression. In personal matters, we seek the counsel of those who know us deeply and whose wisdom we trust.

It is a reminder to be critical and thoughtful in our consumption of information. Just because an opinion is popular does not mean it is correct. Just because a viewpoint is loudly proclaimed does not mean it holds merit. We must be diligent in our quest for truth, seeking out sources of knowledge and expertise, and being wary of the seductive allure of popular opinion.

Moreover, this understanding calls us to reflect on our own contributions to discussions. Are we speaking from a place of knowledge and insight, or are we merely adding to the noise? It is a challenge to each of us to deepen our understanding, commit to continuous learning, and strive for wisdom in our own lives. In doing so, we elevate the quality of discourse and contribute to a more thoughtful, informed society.



Article By Suzy Nyongesa


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