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Category: Society

Jul 18
Mixed Signals: The Gen Z Protests and Government’s Perplexing Stance.

When the youth-led protests began on June 18, 2024, observers were astonished by how the Gen Z demonstrators executed their civic actions with style and tech-savviness. Their peaceful marches, documented in real-time on platforms like X, Instagram, and TikTok, contrasted starkly with the chaotic protests of the past. These well-dressed, articulate youths were protesting the […]

Jul 06
“We the People: The Power and Necessity of Effective Public Participation”.

  The preamble to the Constitution of Kenya 2010 starts with the empowering words, “We the People.” Article 1 of this document enshrines the principle that all sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya. This is not just a statement; it is a foundational element of governance that asserts the necessity for genuine public […]

Jul 05
Unveiling the Power of Social Media in Kenya’s Anti-Tax Movement.

  No structure yet successful, no leader yet triumphant – that’s what the recent events in Kenya, also known as the ‘Gen Z movement’, have exemplified. The question that lingers is: can the success or sheer scale of these events be attributed to social media? What role did social media play in rallying young people […]

Jul 02
Kenya’s Revolution: How Communication Failures Ignited National Unrest.

Recent events in Kenya have highlighted a critical issue with far-reaching consequences: the failure of effective communication. For communication to be truly effective, it must involve three critical elements: listening, clear messaging, and concrete action. These pillars form a magical communication triangle, where the absence of even one leads to failure. Effective communication goes beyond […]

Jun 29
“Crazy Coffins” of the Internet Era.

In today’s world, where voices and opinions are broadcast far and wide, it is easy to be swayed by the sheer volume of consensus. Yet, without knowledge and insight, these opinions are nothing more than empty echoes, lacking substance and depth. True value lies not in the number of voices but in the wisdom and […]

May 06
MP Gitonga Mukunji Brings Relief to Rain-Affected Kanguri Village.

In a demonstration of unwavering support for his constituents, Member of Parliament Gitonga Mukunji made a compassionate visit to Kanguri village, Kithimu Ward, where the ongoing rains have wreaked havoc on the lives of its residents. Venturing into the heart of the affected community, MP Gitonga Mukunji met with 25 families whose homes had been […]

Apr 22
Runyenjes Unites to Honor Local Hero, Jim Kauma.

The Karungu ACK Church in Runyenjes Constituency overflowed with unity and gratitude as the community gathered in a massive Thanksgiving celebration honoring Jim Kauma, Clerk of the Embu County Assembly and a prominent figure in the Runyenjes parliamentary race.   With a palpable sense of appreciation in the air, speakers took turns at the pulpit […]

Apr 04
“Community Tip Leads to Bust: 38 Apprehended in Crackdown on Illicit Brew at ‘Gwakathambo’ Bar”.

In a decisive move against the production and sale of illicit brew, Governor Cecily Mbarire, alongside county authorities, orchestrated a targeted crackdown at the notorious Azimio Bar in Ena market, commonly referred to as ‘gwakathambo’. The operation, spurred by a tipoff from vigilant members of the public, resulted in the apprehension of 38 individuals involved […]

Mar 19
“Deaf Samaritan’s Heartwarming Act of Kindness Transforms Lives in Dallas Embu!”.

In the bustling streets of Dallas Embu, amidst the cacophony of daily life, an extraordinary encounter unfolded today at precisely 11 a.m., leaving onlookers deeply moved. This touching moment transcended barriers of communication, touching the hearts of all witnesses. It was a meeting between two individuals, each grappling with their own unique challenges, yet united […]

Mar 14
MUFFINS with THE MUMS: A Gathering for Supportive Motherhood.

Amidst the whirlwind of motherhood, there exists an oasis of camaraderie and understanding – and it’s happening at Corsica Restaurant in Embu on March 22nd. Aptly named “MUFFINS with THE MUMS,” this heartwarming event is a call to all mothers seeking support, community, and a comforting cup of coffee.   From 4 pm to 6 […]