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Did you know your phone can keep you healthy? Here’s how.

Did you know your phone can help you became a healthier person? When you’re busy with your life, keeping track of your health can be a challenge, but if you carry your phone with you, it can help you track potential symptoms, monitor them and notify you when something is wrong.


Advanced technology now makes it possible to access enormous databases of medical data. These are some ways in which your phone could improve your health or possibly save your life, check them out;


Count calories with ease
If you are keen on what you consume then MyFitnessPal should be your best friend. This free app is available on android and apple, it will automatically input calorie and macronutrient totals when a product barcode is scanned using your phone’s camera. Additionally, you can add your favourite recipes instead of entering each ingredient every time you eat.


Monitor your digital wellbeing
The Digital Wellbeing feature allows you to see which apps and websites you use most, and set daily limits. Once you hit the limit, those apps and sites pause and notifications go quiet. So, you’ll spend only the time that you want, exactly where you want.


Prevent you from slowing down
Did you know your device can track every step you make daily? Although walking may seem mundane, it goes a long way when it comes to keeping fit. Walking requires strength, fitness and coordination. The Apple Health App can help you track your walking data, such as pace.


Check your vitals
The Google Fit App can detect your heart and respiratory rates using your phone camera. Too much caffeine, dehydration, inactivity and stress could make it go higher. Higher rate leads include to anxiety, fever, heart disease and dehydration. A low respiratory rate may indicate sleep apnoea or a drug overdose.


Enforce better sleep routine
When it’s time to go to bed, Wind Down helps you switch off. Just set a bedtime and it turns your screen to Grayscale and silences your notifications with Do Not Disturb. Which means that you can get a full night’s rest. No buzzing, beeping or endless scrolling to keep you up.


Make you move more
Apple’s Health App and Google Fit have activity graphs that allow you to view and analyse how your activity levels are distributed throughout the day. Spending long periods of time without movement can be a health risk, some of the apps send an alert notifying you to stand up and move around in intervals.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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