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Evening workout: Here are 5 benefits of this exercise

The story around what time is good for a workout is always debatable.While some experts recommend that working out first thing in the morning is best, others recommend evening workouts for their merits.


Considering the two options that exist for a workout, here are a few advantages associated with an evening workout:


It is a perfect stress buster
Indulging yourself in a workout session in the evening can reduce the stress level you have accumulated throughout the day. Evening workouts are perfect stress-busting activities that can help you ease and have a good night’s sleep later on.


It eases body tension
Long sedentary hours make the body’s muscles stiff. A workout session in the evening breaks this tension and helps the body ease. Long sitting hours often inhibit the ability of the body to sleep properly. Hence a moderate-intensity workout is effective in putting you to sleep.


You have more time to workout
Evening workouts are good options as they give you more time to exercise. You don’t have the stress of going to the workplace or worrying about the commute. Most people do not have anything in their schedule during the evening time. This makes it the best time to work out.


​You are likely to perform better​
It is more likely that during the evening time, you can do better at your workouts than you do in the morning. The stress factor plays a major role in this. During the evening, when you have wrapped up your work you are more at ease and have less in your mind to deal with and hence can focus more on your work.


Evening workouts help in more fat burning
Studies suggest that evening workouts work best for women as it helps in more fat burning and improves blood pressure control. It also increases muscular performance in men.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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