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“Isn’t it amazing?”, Embu goat gives birth to 5 kids.

Dairy farmers in Embu county are flocking to the home of Job Njiru Nyaga to see his goat which delivered five kids at one go.

Farmers have been surprised by the act terming it a miracle to Nyaga while others visited to convince Nyaga to sell them the goat but he turned a deaf ear to their requests.

”In 2011 it is when I started keeping dairy goats since there was a shortage of milk goats in our village. I am very happy today that my goat has delivered five kids. It is a blessing indeed,” Nyaga said.

Unfortunately, one kid died hours after the goat gave birth, though Nyaga has since nicknamed his goat ”Jane”, a name he says the goat loves.

However, the jubilant farmer further noted that he now has to have a controlled feeding to ensure satisfaction for each kid.Wambeti Nyaga, Njiru Nyaga’s wife, says that they have been keeping dairy goats but none has ever delivered more than three kids.

“This is really a blessing to us we have never seen this,” Wambeti said.

Sammy Gitonga, a veterinarian who has been inoculating drugs to the goat, said that it was also a shock to him since he did not experience such in the period he has been working.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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