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Kenyan men react to new trend in Nairobi barbershops

Surprisingly, a new trend in Nairobi has seen barbershops going to extreme measures to attract new clients. Numerous establishments around the city have employed women whose sole aim is to entertain men as they get haircuts.

One of the most famous establishments located at Kamakis is run by a lady named Frida Mwende whose barbershop only serves men; she recently shared a video of a woman twerking for a client as he receives his haircut.

Earlier, Mtumba Man posted a clip getting a haircut at Fedha stage as a lady shook her behind in front of him.

However, the moves are common among barbershops in the US and has elicited online debate Kenyan men expressing varying opinions about women suggestively dancing for them in kinyozis.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa