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May 21
From Grass to Grace: Meet Silas Koech, the Handcart Rider Rising to Become a KDF Officer.

In the bustling streets of Cheptiret, Uasin Gishu County, Silas Koech’s journey began with the rhythmic clatter of his mkokoteni, hauling heavy loads under the scorching sun. Today, we are inspired by Silas Koech, whose story epitomizes resilience and determination. Starting his career as a handcart rider, Silas faced countless challenges, laboring tirelessly for minimal […]

Apr 22
From Donbosco Area to Olympia Dream: Meet K5, Embu County’s Rising Bodybuilding Star.

In the heart of Embu County, in the vibrant community of Donbosco Area, a young bodybuilder is making waves with his dedication and passion for the sport. Known simply as K5, this determined athlete has spent the past three years honing his skills in lethal combat and martial arts in Israel, preparing himself for the […]

Apr 12
Unraveling Tradition: Nyakio Crochets Her Path, Defies Convention on Marriage

In the heart of Embu, a small town nestled in Kenya’s countryside, a remarkable woman is stitching together her dreams, one crochet at a time. Meet Nyakio Dorcas, affectionately known as the Akorino crochet queen, whose intricate designs have captured the attention of locals and beyond. Nyakio’s journey is not just about her artistry with […]

Apr 08
From Badge to Bubbles: Ex-Cop’s Surprising Success Story with Goat Milk in Embu.

In a stunning career pivot, Ricky Nyaga, once patrolling the streets as a police officer, has traded his badge for a bar of soap, finding unexpected fortune in the soothing suds of natural goat milk. Nyaga’s transition from law enforcement to soap artisan has not only captured the imagination of the community but has also […]

Mar 27
Unconventional Barber from Kenya: Crafting Haircuts with Hammers, Knives, and Theatrical Flair.

In the bustling streets of Nairobi, Kenya, Martin ‘Safro Fades’ Safari has garnered quite the attention with his unorthodox approach to barbering. Instead of relying on traditional tools like clippers or scissors, Safari wields knives, shovels, and even hammers to sculpt his clients’ hair into impeccable styles.   As Safari meticulously shapes hair with his […]

Feb 10
“Meet Mugi: Embu’s Iconic Photographer with 50 Years of Legendary Captures”.

In the heart of Kavari village, Nginda ward, Embu County, resides Labson Njeru, famously known as Mugi, the iconic photographer whose lens has captured the essence of Embu life for over five decades. As the sole photographer in Embu during the early 1970s, Mugi’s journey through time has intertwined with the rich tapestry of the […]

Oct 20
Disability is Not Inability: Meet content creator Kennedy Rioba and a tiktok dancer.

Kennedy Rioba Matiko aka Babushka from Moheto village Migori County is setting the pace for many despite him being abled differently.Born 20 years ago, Matiko has always been passionate about music and helping those around him. And that did not come as a surprise when he chose to pursue a Bachelor in Law.   The […]

Oct 05
World’s Teachers Day : A Day to Remember Our Dearest Teachers.

Is there anyone who does not have a favourite teacher?The influence a teacher makes on an individual extends beyond the classroom. Teachers put in tremendous effort to understand their students and cater to them wholeheartedly. They take much care in moulding the character of their students, thereby helping them grow into compassionate and socially responsible […]

Sep 29
Meet Betty Jerono: First Kenyan Woman With Gyrocopter Pilot’s license.

Betty Jerono has made history by being the first female pilot to earn the licence to pilot a gyrocopter.A gyrocopter is a small aircraft that looks like a mix of a helicopter and an airplane. It flies using a rotor on top, but moves forward with an engine-powered propeller. Due to its agility and lightness, […]

Aug 26
Do you know why you fail job interviews?Check out this guide today!.

These meetings are pivotal moments in one’s career journey, providing a chance to make a lasting impression on potential employers.   Let’s shed light on some common pitfalls that candidates often stumble into during job interviews.   Lack of preparation Failing to research the company, the job role, and potential interview questions can give the […]