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Kenyan Triplets Ready To Marry One Man

Amazingly, identical triplet sisters known in the social space as Comrades triplets have revealed they are dating the same man. Speaking in an interview the threesome; Cate, Eve and Mary say they fell in love with one Bigman Stevo on different occasions.

Cate spotted the said man first and shared the news with the rest who also fell in love.

“I used to watch him on YouTube and one day I told my sister Mary about him, she admitted on having a crush on him and when they mentioned to their sister Eve, they realized she had a crush on the man too,” Cate said.

The triplet says the man has agreed to marry them all and they are also ok with marrying the same man. “We have plans that he takes each one of us on a date, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively then we have a joint date on a Friday evening,” the sisters added.

According to the sisters, the only condition they had for the man was to love them equally. The triplets who are identical however revealed that their future husband sometimes gets confused on who is who and however, he asked for more time in order to look for the bride price for the three sisters.

Speaking during a separate interview the boyfriend said his family was excited about him dating the triplets and are eagerly waiting for him to introduce them officially.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa