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‘New career path?!’ Frustrated Chebet Ronoh ponders.

Kenyan digital content creator and social media influencer Chebet Ronoh has hinted at plans to quit content creation due to the constant frustrations she has suffered from the industry.Ronoh hinted at the possibility of this through a series of Instagram posts before posting a video highlighting her plight.


In one of her posts expressing her frustrations she wrote, “Sometimes it feels like ‘what am I honestly not doing right’, can anyone help with this? Like the numbers, the talent is there but still…. is it patience I’m being taught?”


Before following it up with a screenshot of her tweet that read, “Don’t tell me about God’s timing, I’m done trying! A new career path maybe? What other career paths would you recommend?”The content creator then went on to post a photo, she captioned why she was having such thoughts noting today was heavier than other days.


In the photo her eyes were all puffy and swollen, a clear indicator that she had balled them out before posting the photo.


“I said I am going to be as transparent as I can so ignore my puffy tear-filled eyes,” started off as the content creator before diving deep into what was troubling her.


“Basically I don’t think people actually understand how crippling it feels to constantly be reminded of your potential and how great you are but you not getting the opportunities that you want,” said Ronoh stifling her runny nose as she tried holding back tears.
…She went on to add, “And especially you being copied, under-looked, unappreciated and that is not a problem and I think so many people are talented and have experienced this.


Now the problem comes when you vocalize it. The thing is when you raise your concerns and you are called bitter or people come at you telling you it’s your fault or you didn’t do it better like the other person, so just deal with it.”The 22-year-old went on to fault society for being deaf to people’s plight when they show their feelings especially if the said person is used to putting up a strong front.


Lastly, Ronoh encouraged people to learn to listen without judgment….”Sometimes life has no meaning, we are basically living on the unknown and that is something we can’t control that’s why I want to show my sensitive side more often. Everyone gets these internal thoughts that is why I don’t get why as a society we shame it.


When we see someone express their anger or fears we default to reject it because sometimes within ourselves we haven’t accepted it,” an agitated Ronoh said.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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