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Jul 11
“It’s Unfortunate”: Azziad Nasenya Denies Claims of Inclusion in Kenya’s Paris Olympics Delegation.

TikToker Azziad Nasenya has responded to the claims that she is part of Kenya’s delegation to the Paris Olympics 2024. This is after Kenyans accused Youth Affairs, Sports and Arts CS Ababu Namwamba of including his friends in the list instead of athletes. Azziad’s name was dragged into the mix, and she issued a statement […]

Jul 08
“Punguza Make-Up”: Christina Shusho’s Cryptic Post Sparks Excitement.

  Tanzanian gospel singer Christina Shusho recently sparked intrigue with a cryptic social media post advocating for reducing the use of makeup in appearance and behavior. She emphasized the importance of authenticity and self-acceptance, encouraging her followers to embrace their true selves beyond external facades. Shusho’s message resonated widely, prompting discussions on societal norms and […]

Jun 29
‘Introducing Comedy In’: The Science Behind Smelling Your Underwear.

“To be inspired is to breathe. Breathing is inspiration. People, among them you, care a lot about inspiration.” We don’t have to learn how to breathe. It’s literally the first thing we do when we leave our mothers’ wombs. As a primary function, we can trust our breathing capacity to help us navigate through life […]

May 30
“You Caused Trouble😀”: Gachagua Pokes Fun at Ruto’s ‘Romantic’ Gesture in the US.

President William Ruto’s recent state visit to the United States was filled with many highlights, but one that certainly did not go unnoticed was the frequent hand-holding between President Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto in Washington. This gesture, less common in African cultural contexts, sparked both admiration and humorous commentary back in Kenya. Days […]

May 23
Inside Pastor Kanyari’s TikTok Drama: A Tale of Controversy and Compassion.

Kenyan Pastor Victor Kanyari has never shied away from controversy, but his recent TikTok antics have taken things to a new level, leaving Kenyans both amused and bewildered. The burning question is: How far will Kanyari go to grab attention? Two recent incidents have gone viral, pushing the boundaries of what some consider appropriate for […]

May 13
Inside the Celebrity Payment Debate: Artists Speak Out on Media Interview Compensation.

TV47 TV presenter Dr. Ofweneke recently sparked controversy by revealing that a scheduled guest declined an interview due to lack of facilitation. This disclosure ignited a fierce debate on whether media houses should compensate artists for their appearances. Ofweneke disclosed that Arbantone artiste Stoopid Boy canceled the interview last minute, citing non-payment. Stoopid Boy defended […]

May 04
Inauma, but… new level, new devil, new glory! Christina Shusho’s ex-husband hits back.

Pastor John Shusho has responded to his estranged wife, celebrated Tanzanian gospel singer Christina Shusho, regarding her reasons for leaving their marriage. A few days ago, Ms. Shusho, who has captivated Kenyan audiences, disclosed that she sought separation from her husband and father of their three children to fulfill what she believed was God’s calling. […]

May 03
Natural achia misitu na wanyama,wear makeup and dress well,’City preacher advices youths.

City preacher Pastor Victor Kanyari advises young ladies to embrace their youthfulness by enjoying dressing up and wearing makeup. He urges parents to allow their children to live their best lives, arguing that neglecting personal care contradicts God’s intentions. Kanyari emphasizes the acceptability of wearing makeup. “Natural, achia misitu na wanyama,’ which means ‘Leave being […]

Apr 10
“Alikua amewekwa na Dubai lady” ,Milly sheds light on hubby’s ex-trauma.

In a recent disclosure, Milly WaJesus, spouse of renowned content creator Kabi WaJesus, delved into their marital dynamics, unveiling insights into her husband’s past relationships and their repercussions. The couple divulged details about their previous romantic involvements in a video shared by Oga Obinna on April 8. During the interview, Milly discussed her occasional feelings […]

Apr 04
‘Hatupeani kazi hapa!’ Kenyans blast CS Murkomen for dismissive attitude towards a jobseeker .

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has earned the ire of the internet after appearing to heartlessly dismiss a job seeker while presiding over a function in his ministry.   The interaction between the CS and the job seeker was captured on video/photos by an anonymous person who then leaked it on the internet.   While […]