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Nigerian comedian Sam Spedy ‘Mama Ojo’ lands in Kenya.

The arrival of Nigerian comedian Samuel Oluwafemi Asubiojo dubbed ‘mama Ojo’ has excited lots of his Kenyans fans.There is no doubt he is loved by most people worldwide and his comedy is watched by many as he portrays how African homes operate with characters he named Ojo, mama Ojo and papa Ojo.

The comedian revealed that he is on media tour in Kenya and he wishes to meet incredible comedians like Flaqo Raz and others as he interacts and create content together.
“I love Kenya because most of my YouTube viewers are Kenyans. I wish by the end of my visit i will be able to interact and know more of Kenyan culture,”he said.

About his career, Sam said that he studied in Ukraine as a medical doctor but he dropped it to focus on comedy thus comedy is paying him better than working as a doctor would have.

He is a true example that talent can pay one better than the careers that are acquired through education. He however said that people should not confuse his acting with his personality and his skits are usually imaginative and he is a totally different person from what people see.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.