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Stivo Simpleboy to launch ‘Freshi Barida’ juice.

It’s Stivo Simple Boy’s world and we are all living in it! The young King has been making big money moves and it is clear that the tides have changed in his favor.

Three months ago, Stivo launched his ‘Freshi Barida’ clothing line.The clothing line name is derived from his now popular ‘Freshi Barida’ phrase. A phrase that looks set to replace ‘Au sio’ and ‘ndio manake’ slogans which were also coined by the Kibera based budding artist.

This will be the second time Simple boy is venturing into the business after selling merchandise which had his name, pictures of his face and others branded with his slogans Ausio and Ndio Manake.

Introducing the fresh merchandise to his adoring fans, Simple boy said the brand new merchandise will come in high quality and normal quality hoodies, which he will be selling at Ksh 2,500 and Ksh 2,000 respectively while T-shirts will cost you just Ksh 1,000.

Weeks later, he added boxers to his growing company and has since received immense support from celebrities and his fans through promoting his side hustle and today, the ‘Tuheshimu ndoa’ crooner has revealed that he has expanded his portfolio and that soon he will be launching his very own ‘Freshi barida’ juice!

Taking to his Instagram, Stivo shared a model of the Freshi Barida juice which is expected to come in cans.
“Na Mungu akituzidia zitakua madukani Ivi karibuni tukue freshi barida. [God willing they will be in stores very soon ],”he captioned.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.