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“Usipake mate”, experts warn.

The use of saliva as some form of lubrication during sexual intercourse is something that is common, however, experts have warned that this might not be as fun as it may seem for couples because it could lead to contracting diseases.

Health experts say that there is an increase in diseases caused by fungal and bacterial infections in the female reproductive tract and the main source is said to be saliva.

However,many couples admit to have at one point used saliva during lovemaking after they get dry or even prior.Evidence shows that they use saliva as a lubricant during intercourse and as a result it leads to infections that cause them to discharge dirt and bad smell from the vagina.

According to Muhimbili Hospital’s Dr. Nathanael Mtinangi says the act of using saliva during sexual intercourse is not advised and scientifically unacceptable.He says that the human mouth is made up of hundreds of bacteria ‘oral micro flora’ which are friendly to oral health, however they are harmful when get into contact with the vagina.

Gynecologists have confirmed that diseases caused by fungi and bacteria in women have been on the increase, despite the fact that they have existed for a long time.A gynecologist from the Aga Khan Hospital, Jane Muzo, said that when you take saliva and put it in a woman’s vagina, you transfer the bacteria found in the mouth and bring them into the vagina.
“Remember that they are a different type of bacteria, so they cannot live together, this results into conflict and cause either the visiting or resident bacteria to weaken.

Medical experts say it could be worse for women as saliva could upset the vagina environment to cause vaginal or yeast infections.
“So, the best thing is to engage in foreplay to get wet before the real action. But if that is not attainable, get a lubricant in registered pharmacies and not popular chemists around or people hawking drugs”


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.