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‘We can’t add anything else,’ MP Mukunji says on taxation.

Manyatta Member of Parliament (MP) Mukunji Gitonga has opined that the country is in a very delicate position economically. He says that despite the state of the nation, it would not make any economic sense for the government to continue taxing Kenyans.


Speaking during daybreak show on Tuesday, November 14, Mukunji lauded President Ruto’s recent update on the State of the Nation address but criticized the current taxation policy.


“Taxation won’t work much; I believe we have gotten to the level where we cannot add anything else…” he said.


“The conversation on taxation needs to anchor itself in Parliament in order to survive as a country because of our debt level, ballooned cost of the wage bill and other expenditures as well as international obligations,” Mukunji said.


Mukunji further warned that one misstep could plunge the country further into economic uncertainty, compounded by a depreciating shilling, a soaring cost of living, and mounting international debt.


The lawmaker is of the opinion that the focus should not be on taxing Kenyans, but towards revitalizing the production sector.Mukunji also emphasized the need for collected taxes to be put into proper use, and taming government expenditure.


“I believe that aside from taxation, there is the issue of how the taxes are being used, I believe that with the call on the issue of corruption going low…there is need to reduce government spending, then we can be able to channel our energies, into having the country back to track,” Mukunji said.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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