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I am done! Ringtone Apoko quits gospel music.

Self-proclaimed chairman of the gospel musicians Ringtone Apoko will no longer sing gospel music.Yesterday, the controversial singer said he had made the decision to start doing other genres on music.
“Nataka kuchukua hii nafasi ku thank wale watu ambao wote wameni support kwa gospel music, hii ambayo nimekuwa nikiimba.” (I want to take this opportunity that all those who have always supported me as a gospel singer)

The Pamela hitmaker said that he come to a conclusion that it was about time he quit the industry and focused on something else.
“It has come to an end and I have decided that I will be singing love songs. To all artistes in the secular industry, don’t take it as a completion just welcome me with an open heart so that we can take the industry to the next level. Bye bye gospel industry.”

However,he added; “I want to thank all the musicians in the gospel industry, the likes of Moji Short Baba, Guardian Angel and the rest, thank you for supporting me as your chair. Stay blessed,” he said.

A few months ago, Ringtone alleged that Christians don’t support gospel musicians. He said that people were only focused on keeping up with Bahati who according to Apoko was no longer serving God.
“I would like to tell Christians to leave Bahati alone,he quit gospel music and i do not know why people are still stuck on Bahati and his ways. Let them follow the true artistes. I released a song but they are not watching. Let Bahati do his thing,” he said.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.