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MCA Tricky vows: I will impregnate Rue Baby!.

Comedian MCA Tricky has made a bold statement claiming he is planning to impregnate Akothee’s daughter, Rue Baby.The funny man who is also a radio presenter said he is tired of being asked whether the two are seeing each other, and would get a child with her to calm them down.
He said, “Rue Baby unajua nitakuja kumtia mimba mimi ndio muache kushinda mkiniuliza hii story, mimi Rue Baby nitamtia mimba btw the next thing we are announcing is her pregnancy (One day I will impregnate Rue Baby so that you guys can stop asking me these questions. I will impregnate Rue Baby!)”

However,he says Rue Baby is a big girl now who has finished school and because of that, Akothee wouldn’t have an issue with him impregnating her daughter.Tricky says he is open to polygamy because he doesn’t think human beings should be limited to ‘enjoying life so long as we are not hurting people’

Tricky also delved into how he made a name for himself saying that were it not for Churchill, he doesn’t know which direction his life would have taken.
“The biggest breakthrough that changed my life was when Churchill verified that I could perform my very first show,” he said.

Adding “That decision in as much as it might look small it is not small because on that day, could he have decided against me performing probably I would have never gone back there.”

He says his second breakthrough was the audience loving his jokes because he could have been given the platform only for the audience to not love him.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.