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Category: Culture

May 22
A Taste of Tradition: The Distinctive Delights of Kisii ‘Maruranu’ and Kalenjin ‘Mursik’.

  Kenya’s diverse cultures boast a rich tapestry of culinary traditions, with fermented milk products standing out as cherished staples among various ethnic groups. Two of the most notable fermented milk products are ‘maruranu’ from the Kisii and Kuria communities and ‘mursik’ from the Kalenjin community. While both serve as important dietary and cultural elements, […]

Apr 09
National Drama Festival Kicks Off with Grand Opening Ceremony in Embu.

The vibrant town of Embu came alive as the much-anticipated National Drama Festival commenced at Kangaru School and the University of Embu. The event, which promises to be a showcase of talent and creativity, was officially inaugurated yesterday in a ceremony attended by Governor Mbarire and Ps. Bellio Kipsang, among other dignitaries.   With a […]

Oct 10
President Ruto to lead Utamaduni day celebrations at Bomas; What to expect

President William Ruto will lead Kenyans in celebrating the Utamaduni Day at the Bomas of Kenya on October 10,2023.   Formerly known as Moi Day, this day was redefined in 2020, in accordance with Statute Miscellaneous Amendments Act No. 29 of 2020, to celebrate Kenya’s rich cultural diversity.   Utamaduni Day serves as a potent […]