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Category: Technology

May 14
What to know about submarine cable cuts behind East Africa internet outage.

Since Sunday, slow internet speeds have been experienced in East and South Africa after damages to major subsea cables supplying broadband across the continent through the Red Sea. Users of both fibre and mobile broadband are confronting outages and while there is little information on the nature of the damage or its cause, internet service […]

Mar 06
“Are You Maximizing the 10 Impactful Benefits of Digital Transformation?, Check out this guide today!”.

  In an era of constant technological evolution and fierce competition, businesses face the ultimatum of adapting or being left behind. Digital transformation emerges as the key to survival and success, offering a plethora of benefits that redefine organizational efficiency and effectiveness.   1. Enhanced Data Collection:Digital transformation equips organizations with the tools to collect […]

Jan 25
Kenya’s Coltan Discovery Ignites Tech Revolution.

In a groundbreaking revelation, Kenya has disclosed the discovery of coltan, a coveted mineral crucial in the production of cell phones, laptops, and various communication devices. This significant finding has ignited excitement and potential economic growth for the nation.   Among the identified regions with substantial coltan deposits is the Embu Mbeere South constituency, emphasizing […]

Oct 23
Revolutionizing Tea Industry : New automated tea processing technology unveiled.

  A new state-of-the-art tea processing machine has been unveiled ushering in a new era of automation in tea drying, pre-sorting and continuous fermentation units.   The innovation is not only set to transform the industry but also play a pivotal role in ensuring consistent production of high quality tea.The machine allows real-time monitoring and […]

Oct 06
Too bad! Netflix to end free subscription plan in Kenya from next month.

Streaming giant Netflix will effective November 1, 2023 discontinue its free plan in Kenya.Netflix informed its free plan users of the announcement via emails.   “On November 1, 2023, the Free Plan will no longer be available and your membership will end. If you want to cancel; no action is required. Your membership will be […]