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Feb 13
“Empowering Embu’s Youth: Embu Children’s Traffic Park Inspires Road Safety Education”.

At the heart of Majimbo, within the premises of the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) offices, lies a beacon of education and safety: the Embu Children’s Traffic Park. This innovative facility serves as a playground and a classroom, where children from the region gather to learn invaluable lessons on traffic rules and road usage. Aimed […]

Feb 08
Outraged Mbuvori residents in Embu county demand justice from KPLC after devastating power surge.

In a fervent demonstration of discontent, Mbuvori residents are rallying to take legal action against the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) for the havoc wreaked on their households due to a significant power surge. The surge, which struck unleashed destruction across the village, leaving a trail of damaged properties and shattered livelihoods in its […]

Jan 29
Meet Embu’s Jacob “Mbao” Ireri: Catalyzing Transformation in Kenyan Lives and Communities.

Jacob Ireri, fondly known as Mbao, originates from a modest village near Kigumo in Embu County. His childhood ardor for football bestowed upon him the epithet “Mbao,” a name he cherishes as a beacon of motivation and empowerment.   At the helm of the Deaf Empowerment Society of Kenya, based in Embu County, Jacob assumes […]

Jan 28
Joy as Embu man initiates comprehensive renovation of former primary school.

Kenjava Wakagoto Mwaniki, a proud alumnus of Njukiri Primary School in Embu, has embarked on a monumental endeavor to revamp his alma mater’s premises.   The impetus for this remarkable undertaking stemmed from a heartfelt appeal by the school’s headteacher, Peter Njue Kangangi, who reached out to Mwaniki for support in rejuvenating the institution.   […]

Jan 04
Tragic Incident Claims Life of 83-Year-Old Man in Embu Fire.

In a tragic incident in Kigumo, Runyenjes, Embu, an 83-year-old man, Boniface Mwangi Njanga, passed away following a fire caused by a kerosene lamp. The relatives of the deceased reported discovering the fire late at night and despite their efforts, they were unable to save the elderly family member.   Emilio Munene, one of Njanga’s […]

Dec 07
Concern raised over rising cases of suicide in Embu.

Embu county commissioner Jack Obuo has raised concern over the surging cases of suicide after 15 fresh incidents were reported over three months.   He said the latest statistics indicated that five people committed suicide in September, with four recorded in October while another six fatalities were reported in November raising queries over the constant […]

Sep 22
Preparation For UN-World Tourism Day In Top Gear.

Preparations are in top gear for this year’s annual United Nations-World Tourism Day Celebrations to be held on Wednesday, September 27, in Embu County.The county has outlined a series of events preceding the day’s celebrations to be held at Moi Stadium in Embu Town and presided by Cabinet Secretary (CS) Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage Peninah […]